Integrated modelling of payroll use (MIEL)


INRA, the leading European agricultural research institute, and one of the foremost institutes in the world, carries out mission-oriented research for healthy and high-quality nutrition, competitive and sustainable agriculture, and preservation and promotion of the environment.

To achieve this, INRA’s resources include:

  • 8,500 tenured staff and approximately 3,000 non-tenured staff
  • 750 million euro in financial resources, 80 percent of which come from state subsidides and 540 million euro of which is dedicated to payroll.

The Challenge

Public bodies must adapt to a changing environment heavily hit by budgetary constraints. To do so, it has become indispensable to implement or optimize decision-assisting tools bringing together all management fields (finance, HR and IT) and all activity fields.

At INRA, where human resources account for 75 percent of expenditure, Project MIEL was launched for this purpose.

Our Answer

The project, named MIEL, is part of a strategy to optimize the Institute’s resources, in particular staff-related expenditure.

To achieve this, INRA simultaneously launched two projects:

  • Revision of payroll management processes, with the introduction of a management control function
  • Execution of an IT project: Project MIEL (Integrated Modelling of Payroll Use)

As a management aid, Project MIEL aims to be a tool that will be shared by the various departments involved in payroll management and it should facilitate:

  • Refocusing of resources on activities with a high added-value, and the implementation of management control
  • Reconciliation of three visions of payroll and staff (HR, Finance, and Accounting)
  • Production of standardized, shared and non-contestable object-based data
  • Preparation of high-quality multi-annual simulations with interpretable results
  • Monthly adjustment of forecasts using object-based data.

INRA selected a “best of breed” solution based on Business Object Xi reporting software and the simulation tool Scénario RH from Allshare.

A success story

The Institute’s payroll and staff management is now better organized, due to this high-performance and adaptable tool. CGI’s contribution was decisive in the project’s successful and timely outcome, in particular due to its expertise in business intelligence solutions and its command of HR issues.

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