Electronic document archiving

About ALPI - L'agence Landaise Pour L'informatique (LANDES IT BRANCH)

The ALPI was created more than 25 years ago by an initiative from the Conseil Général des Landes (Landes Departmental Council) to promote, develop and share IT tools within the department. Transformed into a Mixed Syndicate in 2004, it has several missions: IT hardware maintenance, management software support, professional training, application development, web site creation, provision of virtualization solutions and technological monitoring, etc. The ALPI currently has nearly 500 member communities.

The challenge

The increase in the number of electronic documents produced by communities and the related legal obligations has raised the question of how these documents should be stored in the long term. "Until now, there was no intermediary electronic document archiving platform for communities. There was a real risk of data loss if we did not do anything," explains Renaud Lagrave, Director of the ALPI. Based on these observations, the ALPI called upon CGI in 2010 to create an archiving platform for documents of probative value, for the intermediary and definitive archival of the documents produced by the member communities.

Our answer

Called Archiland, the platform now helps collect, process, store and transmit the digital archives produced by the public institutions of the Landes while guaranteeing better automation of tasks and better storage security.


CGI is different because of its experience in virtualization for local government bodies and the professionalism of its teams. The ALPI was also won over by the relevance of the consortium assembled by CGI with ADULLACT Project and Atol CD. Additionally, using the SAE As@lae solution developed as part of a community project managed by the members of ADULLACT and SIAF, allowed CGI to fully meet the sharing requirements of the project. As a true gauge of satisfaction, ALPI Director Renaud Lagrave assisted CGI in promoting the solution to other French local government bodies.

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