American Heart Association and CGI honor Military Heart Heroes

in 1924, the American Heart Association (AHA) is a non-profit organization
whose mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and
stroke. Heart disease and stroke are the number one and number three causes of
death in the United States,
and awareness is critical to curbing heart disease, stroke and other
cardiovascular conditions.

The Challenge
In the first three years of
conflict in Iraq,
over 20% of medical flights out of the country were for acute cardiovascular
conditions, thus depleting ground forces. Since then, the military has
increased its focus on addressing and treating cardiovascular disease and
events by putting cardiologists and the necessary treatment facilities in
theatre. The AHA wanted to launch a campaign that would honor the doctors in
the military who provide the care to ensure our military members can go into
high risk situations, endure the stress of combat, and travel under extreme
conditions. This campaign would not only highlight the challenges military
doctors face treating patients in combat, which requires quick treatment at the
point of injury, but also raise awareness of heart diseases and improve
employee health.

How CGI Helped
The AHA partnered with CGI and, as part of a year-long
campaign devoted to improving employee health, launched the aptly titled “Heart
Heroes” campaign. The Heart Heroes program focused on honoring doctors in the military
for their dedication to the field of cardiology. CGI and the AHA worked with
the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences to identify candidates for
recognition. Of the 20 cardiologists nominated to serve as Heart Heroes, 7
honorees were selected based on their unique combination of diverse expertise
and real-life familiarity with treating cardiovascular diseases in the theater
and stateside.

The Results
The Heart Heroes were unveiled at the 2010 Heart Ball
where over 600 attendees learned about the military cardiologists. Since then,
posters of the honorees have been traveling throughout the region so the public
could learn about the physicians making a difference in the field.

The bottom line: The AHA and CGI were proud to honor the men
and women of the armed forces, who are fighting cardiovascular disease and
saving lives on the battlefield while bringing awareness to help curb the

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