Improving customer experience through insights

The competition for profitable customers is intense whatever your line of business may be. Analyzing and understanding your customers—their wants, needs and expectations—is key to building strong relationships that generate long-term, profitable results.

CGI’s customer intelligence offering provides organizations with strategic customer analytics, customer intelligence and customer experience management solutions. We help clients capture a single view of their customers, acquire insight into customer characteristics and behavior, and execute relationship-building programs that effectively reach their customer base.

We offer the data and analytics services and solutions to transform your business into a customer-intelligent organization through the following:

  • Customer information (capture): Data is captured from marketing campaigns, customer interface analytics, transactional behavior, social media and other digital channels. Customer data from these various “silos” are then integrated into 360-degree customer profiles.
  • Customer intelligence (interpret): Data is turned into valuable insight that is then injected back into your core business processes, including supply chain, research and development, manufacturing, customer relationship management and service delivery processes, creating what we call a “customer intelligent organization.”
  • Customer experience management (act): Acting upon these insights, your organization is empowered to deliver an optimized and consistent real-time customer experience across all touch points, building trust and long-term, profitable relationships.

CGI tailors customer intelligence to the specific needs of organizations in a variety of industries, including banking, retail, telecommunications and consumer goods. Proven technology solutions are integrated to create a powerful customer insight engine. As a result, the value delivered to our clients include:

  • Up to 80% higher sales from more effective sales and marketing campaigns
  • Reduction in profitable-customer attrition rates, often 15-25%
  • An enhanced customer experience with decisions based on accurate and complete customer profiles
  • A closed-loop analytical approach that provides fresh knowledge as programs are executed to enable continuous improvement

With an end-to-end solution that encompasses the best analytics and our customer experience management approach and solutions, CGI is the right partner to help you turn data into insight, and insight into profitable results.

Contact us for more information on how our experts can help move your organization forward with customer intelligence.