A consortium led by CGI, which includes recruitment firm, Brunel and IT solutions provider, Vitas has signed a framework contract with Dutch energy network operator Gasunie to appoint ICT and business professionals to respond to the growing needs of the energy transition. The contract starts in July 2019 and will run until January 1, 2023, with an option of being extended twice for a period of two years.

Addressing future needs

Gasunie is a Dutch natural gas infrastructure and transportation company that operates in the Netherlands and the northern part of Germany, managing and maintaining the infrastructure for large-scale transport and storage of gas. Currently, it mainly transports natural gas via its existing network. However, in the future, other sustainable energy resources, such as green gas and hydrogen, will also need to be transported. In addition, new infrastructures to transport heat and possibly CO2 will also be required. Effectively controlling these networks will also require data to be shared seamlessly between the various parties involved.

Supporting Gasunie’s digitalization strategy

Gasunie intends to focus more on its IT systems to respond to these developments and accelerate also its digital transformation. Through the framework, the consortium with its network of 500 experts—all of whom live in the northern provinces of the Netherlands, where Gasunie's head office is located—will provide knowledge and energy expertise to support Gasunie’s digitalization efforts. This is an essential step to maintain a good balance in the coming years between the need for natural gas and new energy sources, and technologies that support efficient and smart operating infrastructures.

New phase of our collaboration

Since its inception, Gasunie has gained extensive expertise in gas infrastructure and handling and now wants to use its knowledge and experience to support the energy transition. “We are extremely proud to extend and strengthen our 20+ year relationship with Gasunie. This is a critical time for the energy industry, and Gasunie plays a key role in helping to achieve CO2 reduction targets and secure the supply of energy—a focus that aligns with CGI’s vision of helping utilities successfully navigate the energy transition,” underlines Gerard van de Kamp, Director, Digital Transformation at CGI. CGI has a long-standing relationship with Gasunie, including providing support for ARGOS
(Automated Remote Gas transmission and Online Simulation), the gas transport control system in the Netherlands.