We advocate a practical, human-centered approach that tempers the hype and enables organisations to confidently embrace AI and deliver expected value. We believe the organisations best positioned for success, adopt four imperatives for action; envisionexplore, engineer and expand. Get in touch with our experts to find out more.

Enabled by CGI's Responsible AI Delivery Cycle

CGI Envision - Set your AI vision

CGI Explore - Evaluate ROI-led use cases

CGI Engineer - Build future-fit and adaptive foundations

CGI Expand - Accelerate value and operate responsibly

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Generative AI 

Our Generative AI practice helps you manage and mitigate risks as the use of AI shifts from automation to creation. 


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Conversational AI 

Our Conversational AI practice provides the strategy, systems, and tools you need to provide automated human-like interactions.


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Data-led transformation

Harnessing the power of your data with AI, will help unlock rapid innovation. We use advanced analytics to help identify opportunities and provide tangible outcomes for businesses.


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Computer Vision

With CGI Machine Vision, you can apply edge AI and machine learning to interpret videos and photos in a human-like way. Changing the economics of visual monitoring using computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


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Our partner ecosystem

We're building an ecosystem that drives client value. Bringing together the very best innovative thinking and solutions from across CGI and our third party relationships to deliver a wealth of expertise, driving agility and sustainable value for our clients.

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