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With the transition to alternative fuels, new competition entering the market and the need to adapt to the post pandemic world, fuel retailers must reimagine new ways of doing business to respond, rebound and reinvent for continued success.

At CGI we help organisations increase market share and efficiency and improve customer experience with our offerings focused on cost optimisation, development and implementation of a Fleet B2B marketplace to support the setup of a fleet service business.

CGI’s Insights to Action Report presents the global insights and perspectives we gain from listening to our clients, and showcases the innovative work we are doing to support them in becoming digital enterprises.

Our practices in sustainability, security, and cloud IT services build on decades of experience of delivering innovative service to our clients

Today, more than ever, companies are asking: “How can we be competitive in this digital world?” The answer cuts right through your business.

Extensive industry expertise, proven solutions and end-to-end IT services to help organisations create agile and cost-effective infrastructures.

The Challenge The UK oil and gas industry is undergoing a major shift. From large fields and large operators in the early days to smaller new discoveries, many marginal fields and greater interdependence in exploration, development and production. There is...

Very few industries in the world are as asset intensive as the oil and gas industry. Substantial infrastructures are required throughout the supply chain in order to operate efficiently and safely whilst reducing downtime. This combined with the ever increasing...