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Santanu Roy

The challenges of renewable energy

09 May 2023 CGI’s Shan Roy explores how the challenges vary across different types of renewable energy – wind, solar and hydrogen.

Aston Cockayne
Aston Cockayne

Product Ownership: the key to successful Agile delivery

06 April 2023 More and more organisations are embracing ways of working that promote a step change increase in business agility to deliver new products and services that deliver value quicker. Companies are moving away from delivering projects and more towards delivering products...

CGI’s Agile coaching service can augment, supplement and coach your in-house teams via our experienced Agile squads, helping you to avoid pitfalls and establish a holistic culture of productive Agile behaviours. Our aim is always to coach a step change...

Alan Nunn
Alan Nunn

Private networks – time to get real

01 June 2022 CGI’s Communications expert, Alan Nunn, discusses how private network adoption will enable new and transformative technologies for enterprise and the public sector.

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