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In 2018, we spoke with 1,400+ leaders across 10 industries. The resulting CGI Client Global Insights demonstrate continued acceleration of digital transformation to meet customer and citizen expectations.

A century ago this year, Parliament passed the Representation of the People Act 1918 – a package of electoral reforms that extended the vote to women for the first time and changed our world forever. As part of this year’s...

This research paper provides the analysis of CGI’s Cyber security in the boardroom, UK plc at risk study

Gaining and satisfying customers also dominates, with executives recognizing the need for digital-driven, omni-channel experiences in an increasingly competitive banking environment.

We conducted 200 in-person interviews with banking clients—including capital market, retail banking, and corporate and transaction banking organizations—to hear more about their top trends and priorities.

Learn how the relation between driving behaviour and fuel consumption can be analyzed and modelled to help companies assess the effectiveness of eco-driving coaching services for professional drivers.

A white paper exploring the lessons for the future of the energy sector.

Manufacturers are looking at Industry 4.0 and a digitally-connected ecosystem as essential to their digital transformation success. Read the insights and findings in the 2017 CGI Client Global Insights.