A century ago this year, Parliament passed the Representation of the People Act 1918 – a package of electoral reforms that extended the vote to women for the first time and changed our world forever.

As part of this year’s 100th anniversary celebrations, CGI is proud to support the History of Parliament Trust ’s initiative to produce the official commemorative album for the Vote 100 anniversary campaign, entitled Voice & Vote.

An interview with CGI UK President, Tara McGeehan, is featured in the book entitled Laying Foundations for the Future. The article highlights how CGI has been hard at work laying the foundations that will shape the future of the IT industry by fostering greater diversity in the workplace.

CGI has introduced various initiatives to support diversity, and particularly women and young girls, in the technology industry, including online training courses for female employees whilst on maternity leave, an on-going series of unconscious-bias awareness sessions, and a successful ‘Bring Your Daughter to Work’ programme. Members regularly volunteer to meet young people through CGI’s partnership with The Prince’s Trust, connect with communities through the Dream Connectors programme, and CGI’s apprenticeship scheme helps to provide women with an accessible path into the industry.

Tara McGeehan comments: “We are trying to be as creative as we can be to level out the playing field and ensure that the work environment presents opportunity for everyone entering the workforce who is interested in a position in IT.“

As passionate supporters of encouraging women and young people to enter the technology industry, Tara McGeehan  and Donna Kelly, CGI UK South, Health, Local

Government and Payroll Services Vice President, will both represent CGI at the Vote 100 book launch event at Westminster Abbey on 27th June 2018.