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Kyle Burke
Kyle Burke

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing Agile ways of working

05 May 2023 In the 1950s when the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) first emerged, it was seen as a means to build computers capable of undertaking tasks that would typically require human intelligence. Since then, AI has developed exponentially thanks to sophisticated...

Accelerating your ambition towards a self-serve, insight-driven operation.

In this podcast our experts discuss the organisational changes required to become a truly real-time business and how to harness the benefits of richer data.

Lisa White
Lisa White

Putting people at the heart of a digital healthcare system

11 July 2022 It’s time to create an interactive ecosystem where care partners and patients is crucial in improving access to services and healthcare outcomes.

This podcast explores how design sprints are an important aspect of Advanced Analytics. Our experts look at how you can take clients from a use case or idea to a proper solution and how the collaborative design sprint concept can...

Collaborating with Michelin to use data for safe, connected and sustainable mobility

In a digital society everything is connected, leading organisations are both data driven and customer centric. Our advanced analytics capability and our expertise helps organisations succeed with data; to understand the present, predict the future, and affect outcomes.