Advanced analytics

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To help Uddeholm, a leading steel producer, we developed a powerful machine learning-based solution that helps to identify production errors, refine processes and improve profitability.

CGI recommended use of data visualization and geospatial technologies to increase the effectiveness of Bell’s network planning process. Initially rolled out as a proof of concept several years ago, the initiative has evolved into an enterprise-wide geospatial data platform.

Each day across the globe, millions of vehicles and individuals are in transit. Crowds form and disperse. Trucks block traffic to make deliveries. Workers search for parking spots. Major and minor accidents occur. Increasingly, data about this seemingly endless movement...

Read how with the help of big data and predictive analytics CGI has helped a Dutch water supply company detect and repair leaks more quickly and easily, potentially saving the company millions of Euros.

Ruisrock, the most popular summer music festival in Finland, thought of the possibilities and turned to CGI for help. Through advanced video analytics, CGI enabled Ruisrock to capture more data on its 2017 festival.

SmartTravel combines digital technologies such as mobility, gamification, big data analytics and travel mode detection to influence and reward driver behavior.

As part of a Kiruna Sustainability Center initiative, the city and CGI created a proof of concept for the “Hidden City”. Using GPS-enabled and GIS data from the city, visualized through augmented reality (AR), the city was able to envision...

A large amount of data and its smart analysis have resulted in smoother bus traffic, more satisfied passengers and benefits for the environment in Helsinki.