With the emergence of revolutionary concepts and technologies such as big data, the internet of things, cloud computing and autonomous systems, the solutions implemented both in industry and in our homes are no longer able to keep up with the sheer volume of data and processing power required to handle it. One of the emerging technologies we are working with, that tries to give a practical solution to this ever-growing problem is, quantum computing.

A business lens on quantum readiness

The advent of quantum computing is both a business risk and opportunity that needs to be addressed with a clear-eyed view through the hype. What is it all about?


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Quantum computer

Our Emerging Technology practice enables clients to prepare and gain insights for bringing quantum solutions into the business, by providing:

Cyber Advisory Services

We help organisations identify their exposure to post quantum threats and develop the plans needed to respond to the threats.

Quantum Readiness Advisory Services


We help organisations work with specialist quantum technology providers identifying use cases, quantum solutions, and understanding the software system transformations and impact of quantum solutions.

Quantum Solution Design

We combine our extensive industry expertise and insights from integrating complex and novel technologies with leading quantum technology partners to create plans for the challenges of bringing together the existing classical business software systems with novel quantum solutions.

Quantum Solution Deployment

We help organisations to decide when Quantum Technology has matured sufficiently to merit deployment into their business systems.


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Quantum Computing – are we ready?

In this podcast episode, our experts kick off a new discussion on quantum computing. They discuss what it is, where it may be relevant and how they see it evolving.


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Is post-quantum cryptography something we need to be looking at in the banking sector?

Our banking expert looks at the difference between quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and PQC, and how they can help the banking sector.


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