Tara McGeehan

Tara McGeehan

President, CGI UK and Australia

Today, almost all industries are having to evolve and adapt to meet the changing but unique demands of their clients, staff, and shareholders. Whilst rising to this task they are still required to deliver and accelerate their own strategic, digital transformation programmes. And all of this in the face of challenges such as changing population profiles, modern work force expectations, energy market stability, and of course climate change and our collective responsibility to be more sustainable.

Many more macro-economic issues will continue to affect this business landscape both singularly, but also combined in complexed, nuanced ways that are difficult to predict, or have yet to be seen. In the face of all this uncertainty, I remain fascinated by not only the pace of change, but also the opportunities that are open to those that can innovate and rapidly adopt existing and emerging technologies, regardless of which sector they operate in.

Our 2022 ‘Voice of Our Clients’ report presented the findings from our one-on-one interviews with 1,675 executives across all industries and geographies. The report identified that 66% of executives are citing technology and digital acceleration as having the most significant impact on their organisation.  Going forward, I see no reason why this number would decrease and expect to report an increase in our 2023 report. 

CGI Voice of Our Clients Macro Trends

Technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, geospatial technology, earth observation, the use of digital twins and, my personal favourite, the Metaverse, continue to top the leader board of influential technologies. These technologies continue to shape almost every sector as organisations harness them to transform the way they do business, and how they deliver valuable business outcomes.  For example, the healthcare sector is using quantum computing in drug simulations, the aim is to significantly increase the number of new drugs available for advanced testing and ultimately bring new treatments to bear against common, but devastating, diseases such as dementia and cancer. Innovative, niche start-ups are experimenting with 3D printing to develop new human organs for transplanting. This would prove invaluable in reducing the 8,000 UK deaths a year that occur amongst those dying whilst waiting for a much-needed organ donation to become available.

Amongst the general consumer population, super app-level platforms will increasingly start to dominate online life. These all-in-one apps are evolving to bundle services such as messaging, banking, shopping, gaming, and food delivery; they are effectively creating digital ecosystems that their users need never leave.

We are increasingly turning to space to help solve some of the critical challenges of our time. Using space-based platforms coupled with new technologies such as predictive analytics we continue to evolve our understanding of the impact of climate change and how we might combat it.  Predictive modelling is being used to identify and utilise natural carbon-capture resources in this fight, and will also help to inform national and international policy, investment, and co-operation.

Green Energy is crucial in enabling the UK to contribute to tackling climate change and as part of the UK Government’s green industrial revolution.  The UK energy sector is working to accelerate towards Net-Zero supported by Government initiatives such as the ‘Net Zero Innovation Portfolio’ which provides funding for low-carbon technologies and systems. The Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) ‘also launched the Energy Innovation Programme’ (EIP) which is intended to accelerate the commercialisation of innovative clean energy technologies and processes through the 2020’s and into the 2030’s.

Existing and emerging technologies continue to affect and enable almost all sectors of the UK and beyond.  Increasingly proactive organisations are looking to adopt and harness this powerful combination, and are turning to organisations like CGI to help them deliver business outcome-based transformational roadmaps.  

Along with some of our CGI experts, clients, industry leaders, and partners, I intend to explore some of these topics throughout this year and I invite you to join the conversation.

CGI has been pioneering innovative technologies for over 50 years; like many organisations we are continuing to grow, adapt and bring diverse technologies together to turn insights into action to support our clients now and into the future.

If you would like to join me to discuss some of these topics, or indeed propose new ideas, please contact me.

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Tara McGeehan

Tara McGeehan

President, CGI UK and Australia

Tara McGeehan was appointed President of CGI’s UK Operations in January 2018 and Australia operations were added to her responsibilities in May 2019.   She leads a multi-national and culturally diverse team of approximately 6,000 professionals and consultants and is passionate about diversity and encouraging ...