Emerging technologies allow us to solve numerous problems, next to where the problem is. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can also help process, what can be huge amounts of data generated, around the problem.

Our CGI Machine Vision solution increases the availability and speed of real-time data analysis, whilst reducing costs, by enabling visual AI processing capabilities at the edge.

Designed for clients who have demanding visual, sonic and even hyper-spectral use cases, CGI Machine Vision improves the velocity, accuracy, efficacy, and efficiency of visual inspection, event detection and alerting when compared to alternative solutions.

CGI Machine Vision can be applied by clients to monitor, map, analyse and alert them to changes. The best way to explain it is with sector examples below.

smart meter monitor DCC Adapter

Smart Meter Top

Enabling utilities to take near real time measurements in hard-to-reach places.
Water treatment plant

Water Treatment Watch

Remote monitoring of critical infrastructure to improve performance, reduce risk and increase security.
passengers on train station platform

Rail Watch

Intelligent line and passenger monitoring to keep people safe, maintain social distance and improve comfort of travel.
Drone at airport runway

Airport Watch

Increasing safety and security of air travel by detecting birds and drones, and monitoring the equipment and operators on air bridges.
bridge with heigh warning

Bridge Strike

Using smart signs to detect and alert drivers of vehicles that will impact a bridge or level crossing, due to height or width constraints.
pothole repair

Road & Infrastructure Quality

Using photographic or video capture of a route to identify defects, their severity and flag areas that require maintenance.
People sitting on a train

Passenger Watch

Automating manual processes, increase safety, social distancing, security, and gain operational insights.
three young masked workers socially distanced in an office

Workplace Utilisation

Increasing safety, social distancing, productivity, and asset utilisation using heatmapping and motion-tracking.


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