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Neville Richards

Neville Richards is Operational Technology Lead in our Emerging Technology Practice. The practice draws on both innovative technologies as well as related business capabilities. The principle focus is to maximise the return on investment for our clients as they Digitally Transform their organisations.

Neville has experience in developing solutions in government, e-commerce, banking & finance, telecom companies, software houses, transport and utilities. His technical experience includes operational technology, cloud and machine learning.

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Operational Technology - delivering value and insight across sectors

07 September 2021 Our operational technology expert, Neville Richards, looks into Operational Technology and the value and insights it can deliver across a range of sectors and applications.

Harnessing the power of Operational Technology (OT) insights to forecast and prevent events

13 July 2021 Neville RIchards explains Operational Technology (OT) and where and how it can be implemented. He highlights the great opportunity that it presents, especially to help organisations tackle operational problems and process data more efficiently.