Users are at the heart of every organisation. This is especially the case for the higher education sector, where the “user” is a wide range of stakeholders with vastly differing needs, from students and alumni, to staff and investors.

CGI supports universities to deliver a consistent, world-class service and experience that suits the wide-ranging expectations, requirements and touchpoints of these various stakeholders, at every point throughout their university experience lifecycle.

Taking into account all of the challenges faced by the higher education sector and always keeping a customer-focus, our solutions revolve around omni-channel strategies, self-service, automation, artificial intelligence and empowering your teams to always provide the highest quality of service.

With these more efficient and seamless support systems in place throughout the university experience, your organisation will benefit from higher levels of stakeholder satisfaction, as well as reduced costs and more sustainable operations.

To learn more about we can help to improve the user experience at your university, read the brochure.

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