Simon has over 30 years’ experience partnering with clients to support digital and organisational transformation. With a passion for people and place, he takes a human-focused approach to reimagining everyday experiences that create return on investment, measurable outcomes, improved experiences and stakeholder satisfaction.

Specifically, he specialises in helping universities to become data-led, digital place leaders, focused on innovation, retention and world-class brand experiences. Simon partners with universities to help envision the future of higher education, supporting strategies that apply emerging technologies (such as artificial intelligence and extended reality) to real-world scenarios, creating practical outcomes that enable transformed stakeholder experiences as well as supporting organisational objectives.

Simon’s knowledge and experience is wide ranging, including: digital shift left, sustainability, smart places, internet of things, proactive data, digital twinning, stakeholder experience, information management, connectivity and collaboration, optimised ICT, cloud, service management, omni-channel service support, and managed services.