The metaverse is the convergence of physical and digital reality, creating a collective virtual space where users share experiences and interact in real-time. There’s no doubt this will drive a very different world in the next decade.

Although the fully-immersive metaverse we all imagine is not currently feasible, there are infinite opportunities to use its disruptive technologies to start transforming everyday life now: how we work, shop, communicate, and even learn. So, how can you start to embrace the metaverse in your university?

The higher education sector is familiar with testing the application of extended reality (XR) in research; however, the application of immersive technologies to transform student experience and wellbeing, and deliver new services for societal benefit is less explored. As trusted advisors, we were therefore keen to explore the revolutionary potential of the metaverse to deliver the best guidance to our higher education sector clients.

Using our first-hand experience of applying the metaverse to real-world challenges at CGI, combined with our higher education experts’ knowledge of the sector, we have identified the opportunities for you to evolve. We will help you successfully plan and develop your own Digital Led University metaverse solutions for the traditional and persistent challenges faced by your students, staff, alumni and other stakeholders. Let’s create safe, innovative and inclusive higher education environments that revolutionise the ways they learn, share, collaborate, and receive care and support throughout the university experience.

We deliver our insights about the opportunities you have to transform in our brochure, and help you consider how your university might embrace the metaverse. If you’d like to learn more, please contact our expert Simon Williams.