The higher education sector has a key role to play in supporting the achievement of a more sustainable world.

Universities have the opportunity to inspire students and staff with best practices and learning that fosters a sense of personal and social responsibility which embeds sustainability into culture. Furthermore, many universities have the potential to lead in the creation of sustainable campus environments which can have wider civic impact across their locality.

Utilising our in-depth knowledge and leading IT service offerings, we partner with universities to support robust sustainability solutions focused on:

  • The digital led campus
  • Insight-driven change supported by real-time data
  • Supply chain veracity
  • Green campus strategies
  • Community engagement and change management
  • Digital IT transformation strategies to embed and accelerate sustainable operations across support and collaboration services.

To learn more about how our Sustainability and Climate Change Advisory can support your university’s sustainability journey, read the brochure.

Do you want to find out more about our Digital Led University offering? Please contact Frieda Morton-Evans and Simon Williams.