The higher education sector has always faced a greater cyber security challenge than most other industries; this is due to the very nature in which universities need to operate, with a wealth of confidential data held and large, accessible networks where freedom of information to “bring your own” devices is essential.

Recent unprecedented world events have further complicated academic life, with the rapid need to develop remote working methods that enabled academic personnel and students to continue operating safely.

We understand the challenges your higher education organisation faces, and our proven range of robust cyber security services are available to meet all of your university’s potential needs. Whether you are looking to implement individual modules that fit in with existing services, to replace areas of concern, or establish a fully managed service, our +250 UK cyber security experts offer several cyber security services, including:

  • Protective monitoring
  • Analyst as a service
  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Phishing defence
  • Digital forensics and incident response
  • Vulnerability management.

To learn more about the cyber threat the higher education sector faces, and explore how our cyber security services can support your university, read the brochure.

Contact Frieda Morton-Evans and Simon Williams to find out more about our Digital Led University offering and how it can support your organisation.