This blog discusses the increased phishing surge in March, as the Coronavirus pandemic was getting a foothold globally, Cyber threat actors started to leverage an opportunity with a surge in...

This blog is part of techUK’s ‘Delivering Connectivity for All’ campaign week. It explores the importance of IoT connectivity in delivering intelligent infrastructure and discusses some of the benefits and...

Have you assessed your supply chain under GDPR obligations? Richard Holmes explores some of the practical steps.

Considerations when buying managed security services

Richard Lush
Richard Lush

The trend towards organisations of all shapes and sizes buying managed security services continues to increase and we’re seeing the rise of interest from all sectors. Is it any wonder...

GDPR’s happened, but have you realised the benefits yet?

Richard Holmes
Richard Holmes

Has your organisation realised the benefits of GDPR yet?

Have you forgotten the right to be forgotten?

Richard Holmes
Richard Holmes

GDPR has obliged companies to formalise their approach to Subject Access Requests (SARs). They must reveal information they hold or are responsible for in their supply chain, about an individual...

Persistent privacy powers professional businesses

Richard Holmes
Richard Holmes

While for some GDPR was BAU, others a huge effort, and a bit of a panic for a minority, one of the most significant outcomes is the perception that cyber...

Challenging your organisation: 11 cyber security questions CEOs need to ask

CGI Cyber Security Practice
CGI Cyber Security Team

It is increasingly clear that cybersecurity is a key factor in a company’s performance, reputation and valuation. This point is brought home in The Cyber-Value Connection report published by CGI...