This year’s Environmental Progress Report shows the breadth of the environmental activities and solutions that we are advancing here at CGI in the UK, and the scale of collaboration that helped make them possible. To support our ambitious environmental plan and enable adaptation, we have established robust commitments and plans to ensure that we are playing a key role to support the transition to a sustainable future whilst at the same time preparing our organisation for the unavoidable impacts.

CGI IT UK Ltd supports the UK’s ambitious policy agenda to help achieve the goals set out by the Paris Agreement. To show leadership in this area, CGI IT UK Ltd, the legal operating entity of CGI Inc. (CGI) in the UK, has committed to a science-based emission reduction pathway of 1.5°C. CGI IT UK Ltd is engaging with our clients and suppliers to help guide them on their journeys to net zero; supporting communities to protect and restore our environment as well as empowering our employees (known as members) to understand and reduce our impact on the planet.

To strengthen our commitments this year we have placed emphasis on our role as a technology company. In a year where the technology we make touched more lives than ever, teams across CGI never stopped innovating to protect the planet. From our use of satellites to monitor the health of nature, to our use of Internet of Things (IOT) and sensors to support the energy industry.

We have made environmental sustainability one of the organisation’s top management priorities, based on the principle of ‘leaving no one behind’ and operating in harmony with nature’. Through the UK & Australia Sustainability Executive Committee and the Environmental Working Group, supported by our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), we promote environmental management aligned to international standards such as ISO 14001 and the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). We wholeheartedly welcome the mission of the various national and international approaches for organisations to disclose comprehensive information on how climate change will impact all aspects of operations.

At CGI, we believe that addressing environmental sustainability is important for creating long-term value and recognise that our key stakeholders expect us to act now to safeguard our future. We are proud to present the measures and steps we have undertaken to ensure our organisation plays a key role in ensuring the transition to a sustainable future.


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