Encouraging unconditional inclusivity in the workplace creates a safe place for employees to learn, educate each other and innovate.  Diversity, equity and inclusion enables us to bring the best people to our organisation and we can offer a wide range of career opportunities to all people, where you can have any type of role you want.

By harnessing talent that reflects the diversity of our clients we are able to develop solutions and systems that will ultimately lead to more successful outcomes for CGI and for our clients.

There should be no limits on a person's dreams, wants and desires. That’s why at CGI, we are unconditionally inclusive. So you always have a place where you can be unconditionally you.

Read about our approach to DE&I from interviews with Tara McGeehan and other female leaders at CGI, in The Guardian’s International Women’s Day supplement ‘Empowering Women and Girls’ or view all articles below:-


By reflecting on the diversity of our clients, we are making good business sense

Tara McGeehan

Tara McGeehan, CGI President, UK and Australia

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Providing women with career growth support and opportunities                                                               

Debbie Street

Debbie Street, Vice President, Consulting Services, CGI

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Inspiring the next generation of females who would like to start a career in IT

Kyra Quinn

Kyra Quinn, Lead Enterprise Architect, CGI

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Learning from each other helps to provide the greatest D,E & I support

Donna Kelly

Donna Kelly, Senior Vice President, CGI

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