Mika Vuorio

ITS Director

Junction 2019 hackathon had 1500 participants from 100 countries. CGI partnered with K-group in Sustainability challenge and with Sitra in Healthtech challenge. Here is a short summary from my and fellow mentors perspective. 


Ton of innovation and the sheer amount of teams in our challenges kept us really, really busy. There were teams on three floors. Picture from the floor one.

Junction2019 Hackathon

Sustainability challenge with K-group

Junction challenge with K-group

57 teams participated in the Sustainability challenge. It was the all-time record at Junction. The projects presented were all very promising. 

Challenge winners

Deciding on winners was super hard and we want to give a special thanks to our top Sustainability teams in random order:

  • Food Waste Defuser 3000
  • Vridge
  • KoolShopper
  • K-Fridge
  • Draft
  • NuSco
  • No expiration
  • Nolla
  • K-Arma
  • K-Surprice
  • K-Kaappi
  • Waste Swipe
Sustainability challenge winners

The winner of the Sustainability challenge was a team "Food waste defuser 3000". They are students from HIVE Helsinki school.

Teams "K-Arma" & "K-Fridge" were both in top 3 with theirs ideas to improve customer loyalty and social virtual fridge solutions.

K-fridge team

Team K-Fridge with social innovation.

Team K arma

Team K-Arma with loyalty point improvement idea.

Waste Swipe team

Junction award voted by the hackathon participants was won by Waste Swipe. They invented Tinder for Groceries. Food waste is a massive problem but with their app it can be reduced. Optimize your groceries with swiping.

Healthtech challenge with Sitra

Thank you everyone who worked on our Healthtech challenge. We were astonished by the amount of projects we received also in this track, over 50!

CGI members sparring the teams

Mentoring, it was a pleasure to be there with you.

All your projects were great and it was seriously difficult to pick the winner. It was unfortunate we couldn't pick several winners. There were so many that we thought had a lot of potential that could be taken further.

To pick the winner, we looked at how well the project tackled our challenge, what impact it would have, how feasible it would be, how well the team presented itself and the project, how the team utilized data and how realistic it was and the level of innovation. Thank you so much! 

Smart Diary team

Congrats to Smart Diary, the winner of Healthtech challenge!

Personal highlights from the Junction

Coding socks

Morning welcome with handing out coding socks to our teams. Smiles makes you happy.

CyberCon Escape room

Junction side event - CGI CyberCon Escape room.

Alpakka Junctionissa

Found our new Future Talent at Junction.

CGI:n memberit Junctionissa

There were also several CGI members hacking in different teams. It is always fun to learn new skills and business areas.

CGI:n ständillä ruuhkaa

I wish you all a good trip back home and hope you enjoyed these days as much as we did. We want to thank you all for your time and being awesome! I hope we will see in a next Hackathon.



Mika Vuorio

ITS Director

Olen Mika Vuorio ja toimin CGI:llä älyliikenteen asiantuntijana. Olen yksi suositun julkisen liikenteen Reittioppaan isistä ja pitkäaikaisista kehittäjistä. Vuonna 2011 minut palkittiin Pohjoismaisten pääkaupunkien myöntämällä InformNorden IT -palkinnolla työstäni julkisen liikenteen edistämiseksi.