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Bao Nguyen joined CGI last fall when CGI merged with Affecto. He works as a full stack developer in a project for Yle, where he is constantly learning new things that he didn’t know before coming to work for CGI – such as how to propose a solution to a client.

Previously Bao worked for startups, where he was used to having just a few dozen colleagues. When he joined CGI Finland, Bao got 3,700 new co-workers and had to quickly learn the ins and outs of working for a large, global company – it was quite a change!

“I didn’t have any experience with big companies and I wanted to see how things work. At CGI, I’ve learned about the project life cycle as a whole. In comparison, the startup scene is mainly about product development. Now I’ve been able to work with clients and have met a lot of interesting and cool people.”

When asked about his current work, Bao says: “We are currently enhancing Abitreenit, which is great fun. We are, for instance, migrating old matriculation examinations into digital format.”

Abitreenit is intended for high school students preparing for matriculation examination. Students can take old examinations online and receive feedback on whether or not their answers are correct. In the case of multiple choice questions, students can also find out what their peers answered.

“In the future, we are planning different kind of quizzes and speech detection to support students’ preparation.”


At CGI, I’ve learned about the project life cycle as a whole.


CGI provides possibilities to grow

After graduation from Metropolia, Bao began his career working in front end development. He says that in the beginning he spent a lot of time studying new technologies. Now, Bao is responsible for back end development and is quite fluent with React.

“It is a challenge to find time to practice new skills as I am busy with projects. In the future I would like to work more with mobile development and DevOps. A couple of our clients already use DevOps, which aims at unifying software development and software operation, making it easier to move things from development to ‘live’. As an example, with DevOps it takes only five minutes to fix a bug from development to production.”

International working environment

Bao enjoys working with people of the same age and background as him. “My Finnish has not improved very much since I arrived in Finland”, Bao admits. “At CGI I’ve been able to work in English and code is in English as well, which makes my work environment comfortable.”

Bao is originally from Vietnam and is the youngest of five siblings. Bao’s family lives all around the world, and this summer his parents will visit Finland.

“I would like to show them how Finns spend their holidays in the woods, but I’m not quite sure how they would enjoy it. I just picked up cycling, and for the rest of the summer I will try to do something healthy instead of playing video games”, Bao promises and laughs.

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CGI:n blogi - kirjoituksia eri asiantuntijoilta

CGI Suomen asiantuntijat

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