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Kathryn Ashton
Kathryn Ashton

Using blockchain to combat counterfeiting in manufacturing

May 6, 2021 Product authenticity plays a huge role in assuring consumer confidence for B2B and B2C businesses. Whether it’s COVID-19 vaccines, industrial goods, car parts or fair-trade chocolate, today consumers want assurance that the product they’ve purchased is genuine. Correspondingly, for manufacturers...

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Technology Innovation Practice

How blockchain, CRM and trade finance are transforming supply chain management

March 11, 2020 There’s an odd expression that is used when there is, perhaps, shocking news or a sudden realization. A person might say that “it hit them like a Mack truck.” Often times, this figurative phrase has a negative connotation, but in...

Andy Schmidt
Andy Schmidt

CGI-sponsored GTNews survey reveals major challenge for corporate banks—declining client satisfaction (part 2)

February 27, 2020 This CGI blog post explores how technology can address declining corporate client satisfaction in banking.

The premise that blockchain has the potential to redistribute markets and redefine the entire economy is one that is widely shared today. Take a look at our whitepaper to find out if blockchain technology in the utility industry is an...

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CGI’s Utilities Practice

Centralized vs. blockchain: A head-to-head comparison of storage requirements

April 22, 2019 In an earlier blog post, we addressed blockchain energy dependency. This time we take a look at blockchain storage requirements. Indeed, blockchain’s distributed data structure results in a significantly higher storage demand compared to traditional centralized databases. However, central systems...

As home to the world’s largest blockchain hackathon, the City of Groningen sought to understand how blockchain might be relevant to its debt relief ecosystem. Groningen and the Groningse Kredietbank (GKB) partnered with CGI to help refine this idea and...

Nancy Amert

The blockchain bowling alley: How distributed ledger technology goes mainstream

July 20, 2018 Many technologies have come and gone over the past decades. Some were hyped concepts that flopped (beenz, anyone?). Others that started from humble beginnings became ubiquitous. While every technology faces its own adoption trajectory, the majority go through fairly predictable...