Support multiple programs on a single platform

Markets are constantly changing, and choosing a partner with the right mix of tools and expertise to help organizations navigate through this evolving landscape is more important now than ever before. For over 35 years, CGI has shown its leadership in providing innovative solutions for the financial industry.

CGI’s Wealth360™ portfolio management solution is the next step in this evolution. Powered by industry-proven MVest, Wealth360 provides sophisticated and comprehensive functionality to firms looking for an end-to-end solution to meet their front, middle and back office requirements.

Wealth360’s wide range of features allows financial institutions to support multiple programs on a single platform. From traditional mutual fund wraps and Separately Managed Accounts (SMA), to the latest Unified Managed Account (UMA) programs, Wealth360 has the depth of portfolio management capabilities to allow firms to consolidate offerings on one software solution.


Wealth360 provides a seamless, integrated experience, with all administration, processing, decision-making and reporting contained within a single database. Users can view trades, model details, updated prices and new securities which are then immediately reflected in the system. The real-time, web-based data warehouse provides the ability to produce custom queries and reports using the most up-to-date data. Additionally, Wealth360 can easily communicate with external systems and data sources using a built-in library of open-ended function-specific interfaces.


Take advantage of Wealth360’s modular design to create a comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio management platform, or select individual components to fill the gaps within an existing solution. Available modules include portfolio administration, modeling and trading, order management, performance, management fees, general ledger and accounting, custodial interface, market data, data warehouse and client statements. All modules are fully integrated; meaning data only needs to be entered once to be shared across all modules.


Wealth360 has been designed with flexibility in mind, allowing firms to configure the system to best suit their business and processes. Extensive table maintenance screens let financial institutions populate system drop-downs and menus with their own specific attributes. Users can create and configure an unlimited number of interfaces to move data in and out of the system. Customized fee rules can be built from the ground up, with unique discounts and exceptions to accommodate a wide array of billing scenarios.

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