Can banks move payments smoothly and securely to the public cloud?

As part of the Disruptive Ideas & Technologies track for the Nacha Smarter Faster Payments 2021 Remote Connect Conference, CGI payments expert Ainsley Ward will share industry insights on cloud-based payments. Shawn Main, Senior Vice-President and Chief Business Architect Officer for Vantage Bank Texas, will join him as a panel speaker.

Despite the massive benefits offered by the cloud, most financial institutions are reticent to deploy payments infrastructure in the public cloud due to security concerns. During this session, Ainsley and Sean will explore how banks can deploy and secure cloud-based payments in a matter of months, with a much lower cost of ownership than traditional deployments.

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Additional research and insights

The promise of the cloud—whether private or public—is tantalizing for banks. The stated benefits are many, including sustainability, resource elasticity, reduced capacity planning, improved resiliency, increased efficiencies, and lower costs. The arguments for why banks should consider replacing their data centers with the cloud are compelling. In fact, of the 264 banking executives we interviewed face-to-face as part of our 2021 CGI Voice of Our Clients program, 60% are planning to migrate at least 21% of their applications to the cloud over the next 2 years.

At CGI, we have a long history of helping clients do complex things well—from securely steering satellites, to delivering valuable defense data, to innovatively processing passports, to implementing market-leading payment systems. Our latest payment deployments have involved both the private and the public cloud, and three fundamental capabilities have helped our clients break free of the obstacles holding others back.  Download our white paper, Moving payments to the public cloud, to learn more.

Enabling cloud-based payments

Banks are facing unprecedented change. However, where there is change, there is always opportunity. Opportunity to improve—to do things better—and, of course, by doing things better, you can be more competitive. Our deep expertise and proven solutions help banks around the world to evolve their business and compete more effectively over the long term.

We can implement CGI All Payments in just a few months and deliver on-demand performance you can count on. ISO 20022-native and API-enabled, CGI All Payments is designed to meet your needs now and into the future, enabling you to adjust processing power to scale up instantly, while delivering back-office efficiencies and enhancing the front-end experience for your customers.