Estonian Emergency Response Centre’s (EERC) “GIS-112” project seeks to reduce the response time between answering emergency 112 calls and the arrival of emergency services at the scene. As part of the project, CGI developed and implemented an innovative emergency response system designed to dramatically speed up response times and save lives. The system successfully went live in the summer of 2014.

CGI developed and implemented the system in collaboration with the EERC, SMIT, the Estonian Rescue Board and the Estonian Health Board. CGI also helped with training of rescue staff. At the heart of the system is a user-friendly digital map, located both in the control rooms of the EERC and within the rescue vehicles and ambulances. Real-time data is fed in from multiple mobile devices, and the system recommends the most appropriate resources to respond to the emergency. The map displays the scene of the incident, the fastest route and the real-time location of available resources.

The system not only improves emergency response operations, but saves lives. Estonia has increased the number of successfully resuscitated patients and continuously decreased reports of property damage. In 2014, the new system received the Logistics Deed of the Year award from the Estonian business newspaper Äripäev — an annual award that recognizes innovation in logistics management.