Technological innovations have changed the way medical professionals approach emergency care. A patient’s medical history is vital during emergency situations so it is equally critical that they receive clear and reliable data in real-time.

At the Central Finland Rescue Department, paramedics used to record patient information through paper forms. When data is transferred from paper form to a digital system, unclear handwriting could cause data input errors.

Digitalization of health records

Merlot Medi is a solution developed by CGI in Finland to address this issue.

One of the system’s main tasks is to create a patient-specific emergency medical services (EMS) record during emergencies. Unlike the previous process, paramedics can now directly enter information electronically, including vital measurements such as the patient’s pulse, temperature, and blood pressure. They can also search for pre-existing patient information in the backend.

The system then guides paramedics to ensure all necessary actions are performed and provides a consultation channel with an on-call physician, who can also access patient data in real-time and enter feedback directly.

All of this information can then be used for the patient’s further treatment.

Ease of workflow and improved patient safety

Merlot Medi enables a hospital to receive patient information, including emergency treatment they have already received, before the ambulance pulls up.

It facilitates better emergency medical care, speeds up treatment in ambulances and hospitals, and significantly improves quality and consistency of data input. Its versatility is unique.

Merlot Medi meets all the requirements of Finland’s new legislation on emergency medical care. It is currently used by several hospital districts and emergency departments, and can be connected to other available patient information systems.