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We are one of the largest IT services providers in the world. Our work provides the IT backbone for some of the world’s most vital and exciting sectors.

Each year, we employ hundreds of students into our various graduate, industrial placement and apprenticeship programmes.

We understand this is a critical stage in the lives of these young people, and that they face more options and decisions than ever before. We also appreciate that it may be just as confusing for you as it is for them, so we’d like to explain the full range of opportunities so you can help your child, student or dependent make the choice that’s right for them.

Our student recruitment team are happy to visit schools/colleges to talk about our programmes or employment skills to students.
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Our Higher IT apprenticeship

We launched our Higher apprenticeship programmes in 2014. If your child wants to continue education but is unsure about going to university, then higher apprenticeships are ideal. In Scotland, higher apprenticeships are widely known as ‘modern apprenticeships’.

Higher apprenticeships enable students to study for a Level 4 qualification while at the same time working at CGI, getting first-hand experience of making an impact on the IT solutions we deliver to our clients.

The qualification that your child will gain will be the equivalent to the first year of university study. All of our apprentices have an apprenticeship coach who works with the CGI team, to give every one of our students the full support they need throughout their apprenticeship; enabling apprentices to put all of their training into real practice with real clients!

What Choices Are There?

Software Development Higher apprenticeship

England-based programme

12-month programme run in partnership with our training provider, Makers Academy. Starting with three months of upfront training designed to kickstart your student’s apprenticeship journey, they’ll learn all they need to know about different coding languages. Once their initial training is complete, students get to join a CGI project in a related technical role.

Wales-based programme

24-month programme that we run in partnership with our training provider, ALS apprenticeships. Training is delivered on campus one day per week over the course of the apprenticeship, and the other four are spent working at CGI in a related technical role.

Software Testing Higher apprenticeship

16-month programme that we run in partnership with our training provider, Firebrand training. This apprenticeship offers a blended learning approach with on-campus and remote learning. There will be 15 residential training days over the course of the apprenticeship, and to support alongside, there is additional content delivered through online learning and webinars

For more information, please see our main higher apprenticeship page here

Our Degree apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships are ideal for those who want to go to university and gain a degree, but don’t want the associated debt! It’s also perfect for those who are not sure whether the traditional full-time study option is right for them. In Scotland, Degree apprenticeships are referred to as ‘Graduate apprenticeships’.

At CGI, we offer a range of different Degree apprenticeships and offered our first programme in 2007! Students study towards a bachelor’s degree whilst working at CGI - our students genuinely have an impact on the solutions that we deliver to our clients! Whilst working at CGI, they put their learning into practice, developing their career working on real projects, with real clients.

In 2019, 71% of students on our Winchester Degree apprenticeship achieved a first class degree classification and 29% achieved a 2:1 classification. This is higher than the number of full-time students at the university! Furthermore, a large number of our students are promoted even before graduating!

In 2017 we won the Target Jobs National Graduate Recruitment award for best candidate on-boarding experience. In addition, in 2018, we won the award for Best School Leaver Programme demonstrating our commitment to our student programmes and their success.

Degree apprenticeship with the University of Winchester

  • BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions degree qualification (Business, IT or Cyber security specialism).
  • 4 year programme
  • Study on-site at university one day per week
  • Spend the other four days of the week developing career at CGI

Degree apprenticeship with Aston University

  • BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology solutions
  • 4-and-a-half-year programme
  • Blended learning approach, with some on-site learning at Aston university as well as remote learning
  • Develop career working on real projects at CGI.

Graduate apprenticeship with Edinburgh Napier University

  • BSc (Hons) IT Management for Business (ITMB) qualification
  • 4 year programme
  • Study on-site at university one day per week
  • Spend the other four days of the week developing career at CGI

Graduate apprenticeship with Glasgow Caledonian University

  • BSc (Hons) Software Development qualification
  • 4 year programme
  • Study on-site at university one day per week
  • Spend the other four days of the week developing career at CGI

For more detail about the degree apprenticeships that we offer, please visit our main apprenticeships site here.

Our Industrial placement opportunities

This year-long placement programme is for students who decide to follow the traditional university route, and opt to study for a degree with a year in industry. Students join us for 12 months and are assigned to different projects depending on their experience and interests and our business needs.

Many of our placement students make an outstanding contribution to our business and are offered a full-time role when they graduate.

For more detail about our industrial placement opportunities, please see our website here.

Our graduate opportunities

CGI have two types of opportunities, technical and business. The opportunities are for those students who decide to follow the traditional university route, upon completion of their degree.

Technical Graduates

Students can expect to work on different projects in roles such as programming, testing or developing. Our technical graduates will usually be studying towards a computer science or STEM related degree however we welcome people from all degree backgrounds as long as you have an interest in the industry.

Business Graduates

CGI also have business graduate opportunities, where students can expect to work on different projects in roles such as business analysis, junior service delivery management and project management.

Whilst you will need to demonstrate a real interest and passion for technology, our business graduates come from a wide range of degree backgrounds!

 For more information on the graduate opportunities that we offer, please see our website here


CGI school leaver brochure

From the moment you join CGI as a school leaver, you’ll be playing a vital role in the services we deliver to our clients.                                                                                                                                                               


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