Net Zero

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CGI partners with ESO, the Welsh Government and system stakeholders to create a digital twin of the whole electricity network that will accelerate Wales’ transition to net zero and benefit local communities

CGI has been awarded the PWC Building Public Trust Award for high quality and accessibly reporting.

CGI has been awarded gold at the 2022 Global Good Awards for the Climate Action Race to Net Zero category.

Rich Hampshire
Rich Hampshire

Working with SMEs on the journey to net zero

31 August 2022 Rich Hampshire discusses the importance of the journey to net zero for businesses and the planet alike, and explains how you could partner with CGI to help achieve this goal quicker through collaboration and partnership.

In celebration of Earth Day this year we were delighted to hold a webinar discussing how we can all help protect the earth for a sustainable future. Our expert panel of sustainability experts and leaders discussed environmental challenges and how...

Our comprehensive method for helping clients use technologies to drive sustainability initiatives.

To support our members in making more sustainable choices as individuals, we have launched Pawprint - a science-based carbon footprint calculator.