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Test Factory provides easy access to end-to-end testing that supports the delivery of quality products and services that work - on time, and on budget

Our Health and Care Advisory experts consider the current state of the sector, and the steps required to transform healthcare experiences with a people, process and technology approach.

As companies attempt to increase business agility, the emphasis of digital delivery is moving from projects to products, directed by the interests of customers rather than IT departments. This change is not always easy, but there are key factors that...

CGI’s Agile coaching service can augment, supplement and coach your in-house teams via our experienced Agile squads, helping you to avoid pitfalls and establish a holistic culture of productive Agile behaviours. Our aim is always to coach a step change...

Implementing Salesforce customer and patient engagement solutions using a client relationship approach backed by our global insights and local proximity.

CGI helps healthcare organisations to drive their net zero ambitions, with clear sustainability strategies and robust digital solutions.

CGI helps healthcare organisations to overcome customer services pressures, with digital solutions that help you take extra care of your patients and stakeholders.

Helping the NHS and health and care providers improve their cyber security.

CGI TrustedFabric provides an innovative approach to data sharing and interoperability for providers, clinicians and patients and it’s trusted to improve outcomes, support automation and reduce the cost of care.