For decades, our health and care system in the UK has served citizens, generated professional careers, and delivered world-leading care. Traditional ways of working are embedded into this indispensable and complex ecosystem, but it is clear that the model is not future-fit.

Despite multiple levels of structural reform over the years, the NHS faces five key challenges set out in its Long Term Plan1

  1. Insufficient funding
  2. Staff shortages
  3. The backlog (following the pandemic years)
  4. An ageing population
  5. Evolving healthcare needs

Now more than ever, the system needs to transform. And at the heart of this need for change is people: both citizens, and the workforce that works tirelessly to deliver quality healthcare outcomes. That’s why people are at the heart of our Health and Care Advisory offerings.

Using our first-hand knowledge and experience within the sector, as well as our human-centred vision, we have designed four overarching propositions to help truly make a difference. Working together, we’ll use a people, process and technology approach to drive quality healthcare outcomes that address your specific challenges and deliver better outcomes for all.

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It is people - your workforce, citizens and their circles of care - who should inform the future of health and care, as your organisation’s challenges are best understood by them. So we apply user research that identifies the real need for transformation across your services, and use a human-centred design approach.

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Our service design process defines your current state and highlights the requirements for your future processes and pathways of care. We secure the fundamentals for an effective programme management office (PMO) to deliver change that aligns to your organisational objectives.

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Technology is the enabler of process and service model change. We use our capability across areas including artificial intelligence (AI), automation, cyber security, cloud and infrastructure to conduct maturity assessments that empower your organisation to realise its potential.

Wherever you are on your change journey, whatever challenges you face, and whatever ambitions you have, we are here to help.

To find out more about how we can transform the future of health and care experiences together, read our brochure or contact our Health and Care Advisory team for an informal discussion.


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