Phil has worked for more than 40 years in the ICT industry, much of which was in the Justice sector, and has a proven track record of delivering complex, multi-million pound digital strategies and change programmes. Career highlights involved leading NIO’s technical delivery of the Northern Ireland Causeway Programme. Phil is adept at developing digital transformation strategies across all aspects of corporate and government departments, and in concurrently managing complex projects.

Previous roles include Senior Strategist at the University of Ulster, Director of Technology at Protection Group International (PGI), after it bought out Olton where he was Lead Architect and Technical Delivery for Digital Transformational Change, and Technical Lead at the Northern Ireland Office  .

Phil was also Enterprise Strategy Consultant and Programme Manager at Microsoft, where he led the delivery of key projects, worked closely with international governments to develop their ‘agendas for change’, and worked with HMRC to create a unique financial services interface.