The Ethical Business Forum is a new initiative to share ideas and practices to assess how companies can develop and implement robust human rights and responsible sourcing practices.

The discussions will look in-depth into the practicalities of transforming supply chains and the compliance environment future of responsible business. Expert practitioners will discuss the biggest challenges as businesses adapt practices to comply with rapidly evolving legislation and ensure ethical, responsible, and transparent supply chains.


Benafsha Delgado

Senior Programme Manager of Business and Human Rights at United Nations Global Compact Network. Benafsha is responsible for managing the Network’s child labour-related activities and programming on modern slavery and global supply chains.


Deborah Albers

Vice President at the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). Deborah's role includes oversight of strategic development across the organization including the various audit programs, development of new initiatives such as Worker Voice, and the critical work involving public procurement.

Erika Bozzay

Senior Policy Analyst at the Infrastructure and Public Procurement Division at the OECD. In her current position, she is leading different works streams and projects on sustainable and strategic public procurement. In 2020-2021, she was leading the OECD Programme on Incorporating Responsible Business Conduct into Public Procurement.