Unlocking optimal organisational outcomes with strategic device choices

At CGI, we champion strategic device choice as our unique edge, fuelling unparalleled user engagement to increase productivity. Central to this development are Experience Level Agreements (XLAs), a strategy that realigns our technological and operational pursuits, placing the user – their needs, expectations, and experiences – at the epicentre of our digital transformation. Powered by strategic partnerships, we're not just about technology; we're about ensuring enhanced security, sustainable business growth, and people-centric solutions.

People-centric transformation strategies

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Seamless Device Lifecycle & Operations Management

End to end management of the device with on-site and virtual tech bars to support users locally. Smart lockers provide 24/7 access to replacement kit.

Robust Security & Cloud Integration

Cloud desktops combines all the layers required for a hybrid workforce to collaborate securely and get work done from anywhere.


Integrated Conversational AI

Always available support through Conversational AI to resolve issues at first point of contact.


Powerful collaborative partnerships

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Real-time Analytics & User Experience

Enhance employee experience through proactive issue resolution to improve employee performance and retention.

Empowering Sustainable Technologies

Integrate digital tools with sustainability initiatives, promoting both eco-friendly practices and green corporate benchmarks.

Unified Workspace Modernisation

Encompass all offerings to drive a user-centric digital environment, making businesses more agile and future-ready


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CGI highlight: Scottish government invests in technology to improve education with digital transformation program

CGI IT UK has implemented a digital education transformation program across three Scottish local authorities by distributing over 138,000 Apple devices, including iPads, MacBooks, and Apple TVs, to support enhanced, personalized, and engaging learning experiences for students. Additionally, the program encompasses providing training and support for teachers and schools and developing new digital learning resources.


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Case study: Empowered Learning

CGI’s inclusive education transformation solution allows educators, learners and parents to take advantage of digital technology opportunities using iPads, supported on their journey to Empowered Learning by CGI.


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