What is Empowered Learning?

Empowered Learning is a digital transformation solution with clear and direct objectives: to raise attainment, support equity and inclusion and help prepare young people for a digital future. Empowered Learning unlocks the potential of both learners and teachers and enables them to realise their ambitions. The programme focusses on individual learning, while at the same time making education accessible to all and opening much wider curriculum opportunities for learners at all levels. Empowered Learning offers an extensive range of teaching options to ensure that inclusive, meaningful learning is available to all.

In support of our customers, and as part of the Empowered Learning solution, we co-create an education digital strategy business case and work together to build a programme plan covering key stakeholder communications, education related objectives and KPI’s with a training and development plan for teachers focussed on digital learning skills and developing confidence. We evaluate and augment digital education devices and networks, identifying and adding best in class education applications to support teachers in the digital classroom environment. Ongoing CGI support, monitor and update the system for security and GDPR, ensuring users are safe-guarded online at school or home.

Why Empowered Learning?

Empowered Learning has a proven track record in delivering large scale, education transformation across a wide range of education providers. Working with our Local Authority partners, this solution has transformed the learning experience of over 60,000 learners and teachers across Scotland since 2018. Empowered Learning continues to make a significant contribution to achieving CGI’s shared vision with our customers - to raise attainment; reduce inequalities and improve opportunities and connectivity for young people. It ensures we equip learners with the tools they need to realise their potential and contribute to the wider economic and skills agenda for the future.

  • CGI’s Empowered Learning improves equity of access to the same great digital technology and tools for all learners. It includes accessibility features and focusses on creativity, personalisation, and collaboration. It is both engaging and aspirational, while ensuring young people have the skills required for the job and industries of the future e.g. STEM and Meta-Skills, building positive destinations for young people, ensuring their skills are matched with the wider economic strategy and skills demands of the future.
  • Enables teachers to open the door to a world of new opportunities and development using the appropriate digital technology to support learning and teaching, building effective digital leadership teams and improving recruitment and retention of teachers by developing and training them in a cutting edge solution, whilst freeing up additional time to focus on teaching & learning.

Key benefits 

Strategy, objectives, implementation and support.

CGI will work with the local authority’s team to review their digital education strategy and ensure that the benefits of the work undertaken to date, and future plans, are aligned to the achievement of the organisation goals and objectives. The joint team will plan and deliver the agreed programme of work, integrating work completed to date, and will ensure that deliverables are met on time and that the Empowered solution is fully supported on an ongoing basis.

Creates a learning environment, which supports the digital learning of students

Empowered Learning drives high levels of creativity and personalisation, with the use of specialised education Apps and devices. Parents can access their children’s schoolwork via Apps. Real-time feedback can be provided by teachers, focussed on supporting and raising attainment whilst supporting class management and time-saving for teachers is a key feature. Video feedback takes 1/10 of the time of written feedback and is a much more personalised approach.

Transforms the opportunities to learn anywhere with a more extensive curriculum.

A wider education curriculum can be developed with the ability to deliver lessons from anywhere to anyone, whilst also providing the access and benefits of a digital platform to the wider community citizens, schools, colleges, and apprenticeship modules. Empowered Learning supports the wider skills and employment opportunities and can significantly improve the likelihood of positive destinations for learners.

Ensures a secure and safeguarded environment.

Reducing the chances of children and young people becoming isolated and offers a range of opportunities to access tools to support the whole family to access services such as health and social care, with a particular emphasis on wellbeing and mental health support.

Delivers monitoring and tracking to support teachers.

Supporting teachers in raising attainment and tracking inclusion in and out of school. Significant time is saved in producing school reports via automation, while being tablet enabled and GDPR compliant. This makes performance management and school audits much less time consuming.

How Empowered Learning would look for you

As part of the Empowered Learning solution, we work in partnership with our clients to create an individual vision tailored to them. We work as one team to ensure the programme delivers the maximum benefit for key stakeholders.

Contact us for more information on how Empowered Learning could work for you and your organisation.