Transform challenges and opportunities into business value

Utility organisations are increasingly expected to deliver more with less.

CGI SensorInsights360 helps energy and water providers achieve their smart utility ambitions and improve outcomes for citizens and consumers.

Our solution is a scalable real-time data platform that delivers an end-to-end approach to Internet of Things (IoT), asset data collection and asset management. You can avoid creating data silos, reduce the complexity of your IoT and easily identify ways to improve the efficiency of your operations, whilst proactively monitoring and managing your critical services.

CGI SensorInsights360 can help you accelerate your ability to start or scale your use of IoT and deliver successful outcomes for organisations, citizens and consumers, like:

  • Water wastage - Reduce water wastage through leak detection driving preventative maintenance.
  • Waste management - Reduce manual costs and improve quality of waste treatment.
  • Physical intrusion management - Reduce unauthorised on site presence.
  • Asset monitoring - Increase predictive maintenance, reduce costs by monitoring assets in real-time.
  • Work health and safety - Reduce dangers in high-risk energy and water production and processing environments.
  • Flooding and blockages - Detect flooding and blockages in real-time to reduce disruption and impact.
  • Street lighting - Optimise electricity usage for street lighting.
  • Air quality - Prevent or intervene in real-time to increase safety and reduce complaints.

Download the brochure to find out more or get in touch to discuss how CGI SensorInsights360 can help your organisation.