The Spectrum landscape is changing. Both public and private users have huge and growing demands for access to this finite and valuable resource. This is due to the exponential increase in consumer use of smartphones and tablet devices, resulting in a massive increase in demand for mobile data. Pressure has never been greater on the public sector to reform the way it manages and uses the Spectrum.

The Challenge

The Defence sector is particularly dependent on spectrum; without it users cannot communicate securely in the Battlespace, far less achieve the vision of Network Enabled Capability (NEC). The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) is reforming the way it uses and manages its spectrum in response to an independent audit of UK spectrum holdings by Professor Cave and targets from UK Government to release spectrum to the market. The challenge for the MOD is to be more efficient, whilst ensuring it gets value for money.

Our Approach

We are a key supplier to the Defence Spectrum Reform Programme that is revolutionising the way in which public sector departments manage their spectrum holdings. Not only is MOD driving business change to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its own spectrum use but it is also paving the way for other departments to manage their release of spectrum. Our approach encompasses all aspects of spectrum reform, from investigating new technologies and ways of working, to supporting policy decisions, to providing tools and processes to help implement the results.

Key Benefits

  • Make the most of the precious spectrum resource

  • Understand national, international and coalition contexts

  • Support informed decision making with innovative information systems

  • Access emerging technology from both the public and private sector

  • Deliver Information Enabled Capability, ensuring access to spectrum is maintained