Military Space plays an essential role in defence infrastructure, applications and the supply of information. Modern day military capability requirements cannot be met without satellites and space based applications, as they provide data, communication and information to help decision making.

The Challenge

The Defence industry has a major challenge on its hands. In a hostile environment like space, they need to use technologies that are proven to work. Also, Defence no longer benefits from getting first access to cutting edge technologies – instead they need to pull these through from commercial markets such as the telecom, navigation and earth observation sectors. The dilemma is that these commercial off-the-shelf products and systems don’t always have the security levels needed for defence or the flexibility to cater for the specific needs of the modern day war fighter. Fortunately this is the kind of challenge we like solving.

Our Approach

We are great problem solvers
We can help the Defence industry benefit from the power of commercial solutions and use them in the military space arena. We did this for Skynet 5. To do this, we teamed up a group of our telecom experts with a group of our space and defence experts and they solved the problem.

We don’t just copy things off the shelf
We don’t just copy things off the shelf. We map the latest commercial solutions to your unique military needs. Our domain and software experts adapt the latest sophisticated technologies to the most difficult applications. We have more than 25 years of experience in developing applications for the Military Space sector, using tailored techniques such as rapid prototyping to help bring your visions to life.

A modular, layered and integrated approach
Our experience has shown that a modular approach is generally best, and our clients often prefer this too. This way we keep functionality and structure apart – for greater flexibility. Changes in one module do not affect the other modules, yet the modules still work together seamlessly and while we are talking about change, you don’t have to change what you already have and depend on – your existing systems. We power it with new technology. Legacy systems will remain stable as we build a layer on top – like a bridge between the old and new.

We listen so we can speak your language
We adapt ourselves so your needs are met. Whatever your satellite communication and information needs, we can help you blend custom built solutions with your existing systems and COTS. That means you will be able to take advantage of all the things the commercial sectors are raving about – faster deployment, better functionality, easier maintenance and greater flexibility. We engage across your organisation to explore different implementation methods, like phased roll-out and automated data migration. We are transparent and as we re-energise your old systems with new technology, we also look for ways to build trust, help others learn and adapt to change. It’s part of our commitment to create great systems that empower your whole organisation.