Restructuring your business? Mergers, acquisitions and divestments are often a critical component of an organisation's long-term growth strategy.

In a dynamic business environment, organisations face significant challenges when aligning their ERP investments with new post-acquisition, merger or divestment business landscapes. This is where CGI can help.

The Challenge

Business performance following restructuring is dependent upon successful integration / separation of people, process and technology. Issues are widespread following a restructure and, typically include;


  • Separate IT preventing people and process integration
  • High operating cost and headcount, and interim charges
  • Lack of transparency for business users preventing effective decisions
  • Complex system administration and maintenance activities
  • Multiple accounting standards and lack of single best practice business processes and/or IT strategies


  • Commercial sensitivity of business data being in other’s systems
  • Pre-defined periods for transition processes with penalties if not achieved

Businesses really need core IT systems to be fully usable as soon as possible to maximise the performance of the new businesses. Whilst many systems are straight forward to adapt, SAP ERP solutions are often more challenging, and outside the skills portfolio of in-house teams. The technical challenge extends from major configuration changes to far-reaching, mass data changes.

Our Answer

We are the experts. With experience of managing major transition programmes of complex IT landscapes, for upwards of 200 systems, CGI can programme manage your major restructuring programme. Alternatively, we can project manage your SAP restructuring as a standalone project. We have developed own framework incorporating a series of accelerators, after assisting multiple organisations through restructuring processes. CGI utilise a range of cost effective techniques, our own tool-set of migration programs and SAP's System Landscape Optimisation, working in conjunction with SAP, to adapt SAP systems to the new organisation.