At best a battlefield is a complex place. At worst it can be confusing and disorienting. Soldiers have to constantly deal with unpredictable threats – especially in a world where the borders of the traditional battlefield have been blurred by organised crime and terrorism.

The Challenge

How can information help soldiers be more effective in this ever-changing environment? How can technology help to make every round of artillery or mortar count? The Ministry of Defence (MOD) wants to use information and technology to give its soldiers every advantage. CGI’s technology is delivering this critical capability for soldiers involved in Indirect Fire Support (IFS).

Our Approach

Command, Control and Information Enabled Capability Technology-enabled command and control allows forces to automate many tasks; this, supported by timely, trusted, information, allows commanders to make better decisions faster. CGI’s indirect fire support system has three main components:

  • Fire Control Application (FCA)
  • Fire Control Battlefield Information System Application (FC BISA)
  • FC BISA Interface Unit (FC BISA IU)

Key Benefits

  • Distributed IFS command and control system
  • Plan, prepare and conduct fire missions
  • Allocate indirect fire resources
  • Digital data passed quickly between operational cells
  • Track and account for ammunition
  • Publish and subscribe service for MET messages
  • Comprehensive activity log files
  • Safety certified for IFS
  • Intuitive GUI cuts training time
  • Allows any fire support cell to adopt the role of any other