In a challenging environment such as Defence, we believe that efficient use of technology and communications will not only support operations, but bring down costs, and make logistics a lot easier.

The Challenge

When we speak to personnel from the defence forces, their concerns are typically:

“I want to work in multinational operations and need my IT systems to link to other nations to ensure effectiveness.

I need to deliver economies and efficiencies, without affecting our ability to deliver operations...”

Defence personnel must have access to the best software, allowing for sustained operations whilst giving the troops as much support as possible.

Our Answer

You want to track your troops and your military equipment in the remotest parts of the world. You seek secure and assured information. From realtime, accurate intelligence to robust IT systems that will truly support your complex environment. We‟ll do it all - like we have for our clients across Europe.

Our services range from training and personnel systems that help prepare for operations to information systems that help execute them. And business systems, outsourced services, shared services and cyber services that help manage defence.

Defence Medical Services (DMS) is one of the UK‟s largest health providers delivering primary, intermediate and secondary healthcare and dental services to the armed forces. Through the Defence Medical Information Capability Programme (DMICP), the new centralised system replaces legacy health records and other data held on disparate computers and on paper at up to 500 medical and dental facilities around the world ashore and afloat. DMICP is now being used in the vast majority of MOD‟s medical and dental facilities worldwide.

Our solutions to Electronic Warfare (EW) are based on a best-of-breed technical approach combining agile delivery with dynamic thought leadership. The CGI led team Excalibur is helping transform the UK Defence EW Centre through Project SHEPHERD. And our CESG qualified experts offer a wealth of experience to support the accreditation of even the most complex and sensitive systems for the MOD and other government departments.