Expertise in electronic warfare. The electro-magnetic spectrum is a crowded place. It’s where everyone wants to be. Along with the highly demanding commercial sector, everyone – from friendly to civilian to hostile forces – wants a slice, often the same slice.

The Challenge

Managing information in Electronic Warfare
Especially in Electronic Warfare (EW), this finite and increasingly contested resource poses challenges: How to comprehend your adversaries’ use of the spectrum and turn it to your advantage? How to make sure you get your piece of the spectrum and use it effectively?

Our Information Enabled Capability (IEC) approach focuses on improving the management of the information generated by the large number of spectrum-dependent systems and then exploit it in order to gain decision making advantage. This IEC approach:

  • improves the protection of military capability

  • gains valuable information of a user’s location and future intentions and

  • possibly denies the use of the spectrum to adversaries.

Our Answer

Information management in the context of EW needs to be done differently – diverging from the traditional approach that cannot adequately meet current and, most importantly, future demands. Different end user communities have different information needs. This has resulted in the development of stove-piped systems. These are rather ‘narrow’ in scope and use a fragmented approach. While these systems may meet local requirements, they only have limited ability to contribute to the broader increasing need to share information.

At CGI, we focus on developing information services and processes that are common across communities whilst accommodating their individual needs. Our IEC approach recognises communities of interest but breaks down barriers by allowing information to flow much more freely between them. There’s vast improvement in the reuse of information and subsequent more efficient tasking of collection assets. We believe in ‘access to and influence on’ approach for information rather than being hung up on ‘who owns the collector’.

Key Benefits

  • Expertise in Electronic Warfare: consultants drawn from all three services and OGDs

  • Innovative, enterprise wide approach: for information and process services across multiple sectors

  • Manufacturer independent access: to latest IM/IA/IX technology in public and private sectors

  • Security accreditation; training and IT system integration: to enhance Information Assurance for the Electronic Warfare domain.