The Ministry of Defence’s ability to support military operations through effective logistics and support chain performance could be improved by the use of technology based solutions currently deployed by other national defence forces and widely used in industry.

The Challenge

The UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) is undergoing major transformation with the focus on outsourcing non-military aspects of logistics delivery and supply chain management to gain the benefit from decades of industry experience. Using modern information systems to underpin this transformation will help to deliver the goal of an effective support chain that allows the military to do what it does best.

Our Approach

CGI has an extensive portfolio of defence and commercial supply chain solutions that bring the benefits of tailored commercial off the shelf (COTS) applications to the defence sector. CGI is one of the world’s leading independent IT companies with capabilities in defence that help forces to manage their inventory, logistics and supply chain more effectively to deliver greater efficiencies - leveraging new technologies from our wider commercial experience. CGI has a deep understanding of the defence domain and has relevant supply chain experience globally:

  • The Dutch MOD needed to manage and monitor the entire life cycle of munitions – from supply to use or destruction – on a single system, in a transparent manner across all three services. Working with them, CGI designed and built a new system that coordinates the flow of goods in and around the munitions warehouses across all the armed services. Previously each warehouse had its own system but now the same system administers over 50 warehouses. Our system also provides comprehensive insight into the status of the Dutch MOD’s munitions and control of the entire logistical process including authorizations, tracking and tracing and return flows.
  • CGI worked with the Dutch Government on their largest ever ERP project, Strategic Program ERP Enable Reengineering (SPEER). We were involved from the start in selecting the SAP ERP package, implementing the solution and adopting the necessary change management.

Key Benefits

  • Our solutions help defence forces to manage inventory, logistics and supply chain more effectively to deliver greater efficiencies
  • We have an extensive defence and commercial capability portfolio that can help any logistic information system (IS) problem
  • We support the Dutch Ministry of Defence with their munitions life cycle and the U.S. Army with their daily management of Pre-Position Stocks
  • In the UK, we provide the National Codification Bureau with eISIS and support the UK Ministry of Defence to plan and execute fire missions
  • We provide the flexible, efficient ways of working that are common in the commercial world by providing secure hosting to IL3 and bringing secure mobile solutions to UK defence