In an era where Defence budgets are constrained, there is a real opportunity to improve our current C4ISR capability by optimising current systems. By improving the way we manage the information already collected through better utilisation of current collection systems, we can significantly increase our C4ISR capability.

Ultimately, it’s all about information management. The better we use the information we collect, the more benefit we can derive from it. The systems we use are designed to help us better manage the information we need to store, access, search and share. At a single system level, how you manage your data is important. At an enterprise level, the need for an effective, overarching information management protocol is vital as it ensures that your systems can talk to each other. Improving system interoperability will also help to underpin the business processes to encourage efficient communication between a wide range of users across a diverse and geographically separated enterprise.

Our Approach

Here at CGI, Information Management is central to everything we do. Our focus is Information Enabled Capability (IEC) – this is where the real business benefits lie. Ultimately, you need to be able to access to the information you need, when you need it and in the format you need it in. Whether this information is obtained from your own system or from a system managed by another part of the enterprise shouldn’t be an obstacle - as long as you have the correct authority to access it.

CGI has a long history of delivering complex, secure information management systems with a proven ability to design, deliver and support secure, mission critical systems in operational environments. We seek to re-use COTS and MOTS in our system designs along with our own internal commercial innovation drawn from across a range of industry solutions to provide the most cost effective, proven technology solutions to meet business needs.

We have successfully incorporated a systems architecture to a new Defence enterprise, implemented a major information management framework at the enterprise level and integrated multiple systems into the national intelligence infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • Our solutions are helping defence utilise information management more effectively
  • We’re involved in a broad range of C4ISR programmes, enabling us to offer the MOD system coherence
  • We undertake management of best practice into defence
  • We conduct systems architecture engineering at all levels
  • We deliver innovative commercial pull-through of Information
  • We’re involved in multiple international collaboration programmes