We are proud to announce that CGI has become a Strategic Partner of AnalystX, the Future NHS collaboration platform bringing together the data and analytics community virtually to support the NHS.

The AnalystX vision builds upon a thriving community of 18,000+ practitioners, leading the movement for data driven, evidence-based decision making through shared learning, which fits entirely with the CGI ethos. As a member owned company, we believe our culture of collaboration and ‘giving back’ has been key to our global success.

Working in partnership with AnalystX will give us an opportunity to share CGI’s wealth of experience from across continents and industries, including health and care. Our aim is to help the NHS analytics community to think differently about how and where data and analytics can be applied; to find new and innovative ways to improve their operations and ultimately to improve patient lives.

We will be running roundtable discussions throughout the year in 2023, bringing together the best of the NHS, CGI and the wider data and analytics community, to discuss everything from common data challenges to emerging disrupter technologies.

"CGI’s collaboration with AnalystX is a truly exciting meeting of minds, with a shared mission to improve UK healthcare and help the NHS Data and Analytics community as our goals, I look forward to working with the AnalystX team and an ongoing strong partnership.” - Paul Parker, Director Consulting Services, Advanced Analytics Centre of Excellence

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