We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Gorilla, a utility spin-off of the Belgian technology agency  November Five. Gorilla empowers energy retailers with data-driven pricing, forecasting and reporting solutions that streamline operations and lower risk. With a cloud-based engine and ground-breaking modelling software, Gorilla automates data collection, transformation, processing and analysis processes. This yields faster and more accurate offerings while reducing operational cost. Gorilla’s platform is the first in the industry that models and deploys new price models without any IT involvement.

After collaborating on a number of projects in the UK utilities market we are now bringing together CGI’s three decades of industry expertise, successful digital transformation track-record, and experience in system integration for energy retailers with Gorilla’s innovative cloud-based data processing solutions to benefit our clients further.

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 “CGI understands the challenges the energy & utilities market is facing -today and tomorrow- inside out and has been at the forefront of change in energy retail for many years. This partnership combines that understanding with our disruptive technology, giving us the power to enable that transformation in the best way possible.” - Ruben Van den Bossche, Founder and Managing Director, Gorilla


“Operating in a rapidly developing environment, energy retailers need solutions which enable them to adapt to the opportunities and challenges arising from market change, competitor activity and increasingly complex customer needs.  At CGI, we recognise there is no “one size fits all” answer, which is why we are excited to choose innovative partners such as Gorilla when creating tailored solutions for our clients.  Gorilla’s cloud native platform combines the ability to rapidly deploy ready-made data-driven solutions for complex business needs like B2B forecasting and pricing, while empowering the end client with the flexibility to optimise their offerings in a volatile marketplace.” - Nalin Mehrotra, Vice President Consulting Services for Energy Retail at CGI UK

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